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Atlas F Missile Silo Base Located in Central Kansas


Atlas F sites were built in the late '50's and early '60's, and, after a short operational period, were decommissioned in 1965. These were the first of the "super hardened" missile bases, built to withstand at least 200 pound-per-square-inch blast. These are some of the most hardened structures man has ever built. Construction costs for the structure only ranged from $14-18 million in 1960's dollars; in today's equivalent, that is at least $120 Million dollars!

General Layout & Features

Launch Control Center (LCC)

The LCC is a cylindrical underground chamber with two levels. It is accessed through the entry portal through a custom made vault type door at the surface. There are 2 rebuilt fully functional blast doors between the surface and the living quarters. Each level is 1,250 square feet. This is the area is being developed into a home.

Missile Silo

The missile silo is a huge structure with a 52' inside diameter and is approximately 185' deep. The LCC is connected to the silo by a 40 tunnel which has three intact blast doors between the LCC and the silo. To launch the missile, two overhead 150-ton doors would have been opened hydraulically. Originally, there were several floors built inside the silo. Today, most of the other Atlas F silos have been completely salvaged leaving only the structural concrete walls. One way the silos are now being developed is to rebuild some or all of the floors. Each level would have approximately 2,000 square feet. This missile silo is one of the very few that has much of its metal structure and floors remaining.

The Land

Plot sizes vary greatly due to post-government division. The typical minimum is 5 acres. This site is still deeded with the original 18 acres the government purchased. The entire property is surrounded with a 5 wire 4 point barbed wire fence built to government specifications, good for cattle or horses. There were originally two 40' x' 100' Quonset buildings on this site. The original buildings have been removed. But the concrete pads remain. The above ground residence is on one of these pads. An antenna silo also exists on the site. It measures 8' in diameter and 29' deep.


Electric - DS&O Electric was contracted to install electrical service to property.

200 amp service to underground living area, 100 amp service to surface residence.

Service is through DS&O with a remote read meter.

DS&O - 785-655-2011 or 800-376-3533


Water - Rural water was installed by local contractors at considerable expense. A 2 inch waterline was run from main line North of Hwy 4. The 2 inch line is 1 mile long and runs to surface residence where it connects to the 1 inch line of the house. Very good water pressure. A 1 inch line has been run to underground living area. Water meter is remote read.

Rural Water District - 785-263-3434


Sewer - There are 2 separate septic systems. The surface residence uses a septic tank to a concrete distribution box to a lateral field. The underground living area uses a different septic system with its own septic tank, which flows to a concrete distribution box, then to a underground sand filter, then to a lagoon. Both systems have been pumped out and cleaned.

The underground living area drains to a basin to be pumped to surface. That basin has been pumped out and cleaned. New stainless steel ABS piranha grinder pumps (2) and a new rail mount system for the pumps are provided with purchase of property.


Communication - Fiber Optic cable has been run to residence for landline telephone, cable TV and very high speed Internet. Several Cat5e cables for internet & phone and several quad shield RG6 coax cables have been run to underground living area for phone, TV & Internet.

Tri-County Telephone - 620-767-5153 or 800-362-2576



This is a list of misc items remaining on site:

Large amount of hand railing for steps & stairs.

Stainless Steel & Steel floor grating for silo vestibules.

Stainless Steel door handles, shafts and bearings for Blast Doors.

2 new ABS Piranha grinder pumps.

New rail mount system for ABS pumps.

These will be provided with purchase of property.

Sale Price is $269,000.

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